Tweed Display Pavilion

Essentially, this new residential community Display Pavilion is about ‘framing’ the potentials of Northern NSW coastal living as a natural sustainable casual lifestyle proposition. The design intention is to connect the experience of the building to the broader coastal landscape, providing a memorable experience of possibilities of the landscape using topography, endemic coastal vegetation and dappled light. We see this strategy as being inextricable to amplifying the impact, experience and memory of a simple, modest and economical building.

From our reading of the site, we see the introduction of these elements into the design as critical in triggering memory in the visitor and providing them with a heightened experience of being at the beach and the lifestyle opportunities of living on the Tweed coast.

Topography – introduce the undulating natural flowing landform of coastal sand dunes;

Vegetation – introduce endemic vegetation to enhance the new Dune landscape, providing an inextricable link of building to landscape through the Green Screen, as a key element in the spatial experience and memory of the building;

Light – introduce a spatial experience crafted by the building fabric which modulates, filters and fragments the intense Northern New South Wales coastal light and creates a refuge and filigree of changing patterns light and shadow.


Tweed Display PavilionTweed Display PavilionTweed Display PavilionTweed Display PavilionTweed Display PavilionTweed Display PavilionTweed Display Pavilion