'Breathable' Subtropical Housing

As population grows in our region, village 'hubs' will need to provide a higher density mixture of housing types for the Sunshine Coast to retain its landscape rich charater and lifestyle amenity.

As a catalyst 'test' project, this scheme proposes a vibrant mixture of studio, one bed and two bed units, and celebrates a subtropical, fine grained architecture which responds well to the Sunshine Coast climate and natural environment.

The scheme explores the transformation of an existing public carpark into a vibrant, multi residential, fine grain ‘village’ both in parallel to and 'testing' some of the planning scheme provisions.

As a 53 multi-unit residential proposal, the project aims to demonstrate higher density,affordable, adaptable and functional permanent accommodation options for the area, appropriate in scale and suited for the Sunshine Coast climate and place.

See http://www.barkdesign.com.au/project/subtropical-housing


'Breathable' Subtropical Housing'Breathable' Subtropical Housing