Bark derives it's name from the artwork of an insect on a Scribbly Gum Tree found in Noosa National Park over a decade ago. Prompting an association between itself and its finder's occupation, moth larvae had scribbled a capital 'B'. The role of both bark and architecture became apparent: "to define the line between inside and out; to negotiate the relationship between the internal and external environment; to contain, protect, house".

Bark Design Architects was born.

Bark's aim is to create buildings that are designed from the inside out. Responding directly to the needs of the people who use them, buildings integrate delicately with the natural landscape, ensuring minimal environmental impact and maximum sustainability. Visually, structures speak of an honesty of materials, of lightness and transparency. Ecologically, opportunities for natural light, passive ventilation and cooling are fully explored.

Like bark, our architecture is an environmental living, growing, and changing skin or structure which offers protection whilst affording our clients a sensitive and inextricable link to the landscape they inhabit. Located on Queensland's Sunshine Coast, Bark's award-winning design work has actively contributed to the internationally recognised palette of contemporary Queensland architecture.

As architects of a new generation, working in a new age of civilisation, Bark works collaboratively, professionally and intuitively with a client focussed ethos, a relevant economy of means and a reverence for a highly sustainable built and natural environment.